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Shearer deserves respect says Aguero

DELIGHT: Aguero celebrates his goal
Sergio Aguero says of all the Premier League strikers in the current top 20 most goals list, former Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer is the greatest – though Frank Lampard is Kun’s personal favourite.

Aguero has some way to go to reach the 260 tally the former Magpies, Blackburn and Southampton star bagged during his career.

Kun is on 107 goals for City and poised to enter the Top 20 – he needs two more goals to overtake Ryan Giggs – and two more strikes would also see him overtake Francis Lee in sixth spot in City’s all-time list, too.

“There are some great names in the Premier League top 20, but without a doubt, for his goal tally and lead over everybody else, Alan Shearer deserves to be on the podium.

“That said, there are a number of other players I admire. I’d say it’s a matter of taste or playing style because the Premier League has hosted many of the greats – and still does: Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney and Thierry Henry to name just a few.

“But as my personal favourite, I’d like to choose Frank Lampard, who in spite of not being necessarily a striker, stands among the top 10 goal-scorers. That deserves praise.

                        TALKING FRANK: Lampard is Kun's favourite
TALKING FRANK: Lampard is Kun's favourite

“I had the chance to play alongside him and it was a valuable experience. He’s every inch a professional and a man you can respect."

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As for continuing to climb City’s top 10, he added: “Records have never meant much to me if I’m honest. It’s nice to break them, I admit, but they aren’t a big priority to me. 

“Having said that, it still makes me proud to stand where I am in the Club’s all-time list. If I can keep racking up goals, I hope they come for the benefit of the team and football club, and not just to create personal records.”

City have several players who have played for the Club in the Top 20 with Andy Cole, Lampard, Robbie Fowler and Nicolas Anelka all making the cut.

The Premier League Top 20 (plus Sergio!) is as follows:

1             Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United) 260

2             Wayne Rooney (Everton, Man United) 194

3             Andy Cole (Newcastle, Man United, Blackburn, Fulham, City, Portsmouth) 187

4             Frank Lampard  (West Ham United, Chelsea, City) 177

5             Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 175

6             Robbie Fowler (Liverpool, Leeds United, City) 163

7             Michael Owen (Liverpool, Newcastle, Man United, Stoke City) 150

8             Les Ferdinand (QPR, Newcastle, Spurs, West Ham, Leicester City, Bolton (149)

9             Jermain Defoe (West Ham, Portsmouth, Spurs, Sunderland) 147

10           Teddy Sheringham (N Forest, Spurs, Man United, Portsmouth, West Ham) 146

11           Robin van Persie (Arsenal, Man United) 144

12           Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Leeds United, Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Charlton) 127

13           Robbie Keane (Coventry, Leeds, Spurs, Liverpool, West Ham, Aston Villa) 126

14           Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool, City, Bolton, Chelsea, WBA) 125

15           Dwight Yorke (A Villa, Man United, Blackburn, Birmingham, Sunderland) 123

16           Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) 120

17           Ian Wright (Arsenal, West Ham) 113

18           Dion Dublin (Man United, Coventry City, Aston Villa) 111

19           Emile Heskey (Leicester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Wigan A, Aston Villa) 110

20           Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) 109

21           Sergio Agüero (City) 107


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