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Kongolo: Five tips to being a marauding midfielder

Kongolo: Five tips to being a marauding midfielder
Becoming a professional footballer is something kids all around the world dream of, but what does it take?

City’s UEFA Youth League captain Rodney Kongolo gave mancity.com some of his biggest tips to impressing at a club like City.

The 18-year-old is the energetic beating heart of Simon Davies’ side and his wide range of skills makes him an excellent option in any midfield position.

What does he think you should focus on to be the best you can be?

On the ball

You need to be sure of your feet. If you know how you want to receive the ball and exactly how you should weight every pass, you will be able to play a lot of passes in the midfield area.

Off the ball

You need to be a position to cover your teammates.

At City we defend as a team and everyone has their role, if you’re not sure of that role then you need to make sure you ask and work hard to put the coaches plan into action.

MIDFIELD BATTLE: Kongolo in another clash in the centre of the park
MIDFIELD BATTLE: Kongolo in another clash in the centre of the park


I prepare myself in the same way every game, not down to putting one boot on before the other but listening to the same music and eating the same food.

It’s about being comfortable in your surroundings so you can just focus on what you have to do on the pitch every week.


Communication is so important. You have to get along with each other and learn to understand each other because you spend a lot of time together.


I have a simple, football-focused lifestyle. I train, go home, eat well and rest. It may sound boring to some but you have to be dedicated because you need to be at your best every single day.

Kongolo and his teammates are next in action on Sunday 6 November when they begin their Premier League Cup campaign against Colchester United.

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